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Purrfect Arch


PURRFECT ARCH™ stops cats from shedding & scratching all over your home! Your cat will love rubbing up against this clever groomer/massager ... and you'll love having fur-and scratch-free furniture and floors. Just attach the bristled arch and sprinkle some catnip (included) onto the base to keep kitty entertained for hours. It gently removes loose, shedding hair while offering a stimulating massage. The sturdy, carpeted base doubles as a scratching pad! 14-1/2" L x 13-1/2" H x 11-1/4" W.


*Brushes cats'coats while they play

*Durable plastic bristles gently remove loose and shedding hair, while giving kitty a massage

*Helps reduce shedding,hairballs and matting

*Durable Carpet base is perfect for scratching


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