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Salad All In One


The project revisits the Salad Spinner, invention of the Modern Era, and creates an object with various functionalities, riflected in the nowadays ideology and tecnology.

Spin, cut and serve.

Three functions in a unique object: The traditional and ubiquitous kitchen tool is integrated and enriched with vegetables and fruit cutting, peeling, chopping and grating functions. The multifunction tool permits to optimize the vegetables serving process, working with handiness.

The "Salad All In One" design unifies using pleasure and space rationalization: With the same space the squared shape earns in capacity compared to a rounded one and becomes much more suitable with its final functionality of salad bowl.

The curves and wavy shapes inspire the nature and at the same time pleasure, being playfulness, turning in a pleasant product to use.

The green and ecologically sustainability is reflected in the product itself that consists of pieces that can be partitioned and substituted and could be viewed in a perspective of production and moulds costs optimization

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